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Fringe of Newton – Concavity and convexity of the surfaces under examination

In this article I will delve into a matter concerning the interpretation of interference fringes, by means of the Interferometer to Newton, during the analysis of optical surfaces. As already described in this article, the evaluation of the profile of the convex surface is performed picking her compare with a reference surface (concave) that can be spherical, parabolic or […]

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The spherometer

The spherometer is a measuring instrument used in the machining of an astronomical mirror, to verify the depth of the sagitta, and then the radius of curvature of the surface under examination. The instrument itself is not complicated, It's consists of a rigid supporting structure on which are placed 3 piedini di appoggio disposti […]

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Hartmann test

In this short article, I would like to start introducing the Hartmann test, beginning to describe the principles of operation, the pros and cons, paving the way for further developments and modifications in order to use it easily by us candid grattavetro during the realizations. The Hartmann test was invented by Hartmann (1900) for […]

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