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Simple collapsible, pop-up light or Dew shield for dobson telescopes

Essential measures to be taken in the evenings of astronomical observation are notoriously two: The shielding of any stray light that could fit in the observation beam path, The isolation of the inside of the telescope than the outside air currents that would promote the formation of dew condensation on the primary and secondary mirrors. There is also a third trick, […]

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Dobson “light” 300F6 – Phase 2: Transformation into “Low-Riding”

  with reference to the previous article which dealt with the construction of this instrument; So as not to lose the habit to DIY, but especially with the purpose of trying to get rid of the stool needed to reach the eyepiece of the telescope which was 1,8 meters above the ground. I lowered the same 16 cm, portandolo alla molto più […]

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Construction of a"tall" telescope Dobson "Light" 300F6 ...with disc brake – PHASE 1: realization

300F6 "LIGHT": Mission (equilibration) impossible?….A solution is to equip it with a disc brake! From years, in his beautiful box taped ZAOT (the brand of my favorite aluminizer) I had that mirror Ø305 F 1830 unused. I had bought it for a short time before because it was "gray", i.e. with a good parabolic surface, but happened “among head and neck" (like we say in Italy meaning "by surpise")”, to a “mirror […]

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