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One might say that: We are less than one percent of amateurs of our country; We thereby become people of other times, where nothing existed of prefabricated and ready to buy, and so it was necessary to “make a personal investment” studies and practical application to progress in a new and interesting field; We are daredevils who bring into play all their abilities without fear of hitting errors, which we believe are always correctable…even in the worst situations…depending only on us knowing remedy; We are conscious that hittilg errors, you will learn, but that working together is wrong LESS and you learn BETTER and more, and much more other. (1/7/14/Julius)

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  1. Lino

    Hello everyone,
    I finally found a little’ time to register.
    Let me introduce myself, are linen and I found through research on the Internet about how you can work a mirror.
    I thank Julius who informed me on some basic points, with what to begin from mirrors with diameters and accessible to a new student like me.
    I have a daughter a year and I'd like to introduce you to this passion, before seeing dad to create his telescope, then over time build a new larger and more experienced.
    IM currently looking for a glass factory in the area that cuts me two discs from 250 mm I hope King 20 mm. As soon as the material recovery, between readings and advice that I'm going to ask you, I'll give this project launch.
    Thank you and I hope to grow as good “glass scratch”.
    I wish you a pleasant day.

    • Giulio TiberinI

      Hi Lino. Here you are surrounded by people who have already successfully done that way not difficult but challenging, and can mconsigliarti on the basis of their knowledge.
      It just takes patience and study of basic technique, and then a critical comparison of the results of their actions for sudio arising therefrom with theoretical ones expected, in order to applicaqre the right corrections.

    • Massimo Marconi Massimo Marconi

      Hi Lino, Welcome from me, :bye:
      We look forward also to the forum , ours “living room” for technical chats ( and not ), will definitely be interesting to be able to share your project.
      See you soon, Maximum

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