The Grattavetro wants to be a meeting point between amateur astronomers car-builders, a place where you can share experiences and promote initiatives by the common thread of our shared passion.

If you are interested in participating actively in the drafting of articles, publishing projects or AutoBuilder experiences both optics and instrumental, write to us at the address: , explaining what are your interests and your outreach proposals, We will gladly contact you to evaluate them together .

3 comments on "Works”

  1. Giovanni

    Greeting tytti Grattavetro's friends.
    I have just joined your ranks. I haven't your familiarity with the site, but it will be faster to “connection”.
    As a start I would like to say I am a grattavetro too. I hewed, sanded, polished, Silver, and used many of those glasses, now with 20 mm thick glass and 150-200 mm in diameter could talk. Though, What more I was delighted when I was given the address of The Grattavetro is to have confirmation that there are still gentlemen amateurs self-builders like me, who do not run behind the unmarked flag dantasca, waved daproduttori and telescopic instruments dealers.
    Thanks to those who treat this website, I do not feel alone in the world of astronomy.
    Even greetings to all.

    • Giulio TiberinI

      Well John….Don't you know that personal pleasure lets us know that there was just us to scratch glass, but you were there somewhere!
      Welcome among us!!

      Our purpose built into Blogs, is precisely to bring out willing spirits like yours, so still very few Italians enterprising people who want but I'm still undecided, they can challenge themselves in advance knowledge of”art” the scratch on glass.

      Art that unfortunately, given the Mediterranean's propensity to minimum entropy (or fatigue, If you want), and then the “Who makes me do”, determining the prevalence of the thought of “If you have to pay, Pago, and I buy already made (….because paying I may as well pretend)”. Thus perpetuating the well-known and palpable dowry, all Italian and modern, the cover with the prosopopea a Blessed ignorance.


      P.S. How did you get our knowledge?

  2. Bartolomei Mirco

    Hi John and welcome from me… :bye:
    am always delighted to discover that though still restricted family of grattavetro expands more and more… :yahoo:
    We wait for you all on the forum to get more information about your experiences and accomplishments… :good:

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