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Hartmann test

In this short article, I would like to start introducing the Hartmann test, beginning to describe the principles of operation, the pros and cons, paving the way for further developments and modifications in order to use it easily by us candid grattavetro during the realizations. The Hartmann test was invented by Hartmann (1900) for […]

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What is optical testing "Caustic".

IT IS’ born in 1939 and used to measure very accurately (impossible to Foucault test for reasons which we shall see here later looking at the title: REASONS WHY THE FOUCAULT TEST IS INACCURATE FOR LOW FOCALS RATIOS MIRRORS)) the radii of curvature of a parabolic mirror, or even more deformed figure from, a very short focal ratio (that is more inferior to F5) and a diameter over 300 or […]

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Cooling mirror telescope

In order to encourage an excellent telescope observing evening, you know this has to be in perfect conditions of stability, Collimation and and thermal equilibrium. The latter issue will be analyzed in this post, to highlight what are the main parameters that influence the time of acclimatization of optics, the possible solutions to your problem and […]

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